Fuimos a la Universidad De Puerto Rico de Rio Piedras en esta semana a entrevistar a estudiantes, maestros o a cualquier sujeto que tuviera la disponibilidad. Nuestro experimento social era para saber como las experiencias de las personas en la escuela tradicional impactan en el nivel de satisfacción y felicidad en sus vidas. Queremos saber como lo que aprendieron en la escuela es relevante a lo que están o quieren hacer y como su experiencia escolar esta conectada con su felicidad de ahora. Tuvimos respuestas de las personas bastante variadas y lógicas, también le explicamos que existía un centro de aprendizaje auto-dirigido y todos reaccionaron positiva-mente. Me gusto la experiencia de salir y hablar y escuchar a las personas y saber que mucha gente piensa igual que nosotros.

Mi Plan de Trabajo

Yo quiero practicar a maquillar a diferentes caras y perfeccionar lo que ya se, pero para eso necesito una variedad de maquillaje. Mi plan de trabajo es para obtener dinero para la compra de variedad. Mi plan de trabajo es lavar carros y hacer babysitting. Espero poder recaudar mucho dinero para poder comprar muchos maquillajes y maquillar a mucha gente, me gusta maquillar mucho y espero ser buena en eso. Roxy me va a ayudar a lavar carros y Neysa fue la que me dio la idea de hacer babysitting.

Altitude Trampoline Park

Today we went to Altitude Trampoline Park and it was awesome, trampoline park is a place with a whole bunch of trampolines that you can freely jump. We jumped a lot and some of us did some tricks and we all laugh a lot. At first I didn’t feel so good because i did not eat anything for breakfast, but then i bought some food to get my carbohydrates straight to jump higher and with more energy. We played douche ball and i like it very much. We ate delicious pizza, and talked a lot. I loved going there, I hope I can go back there anytime soon.

Body Language

I’ve have for not a long time now have watch body language and I’ve learned a lot of things that people do everyday. For what I’ve seen body language talks more that the actual words we speak. By body language we can sort of get into the mind of others. The things we feel and think are revealed by our bodies and its a subconscious things that we may not control. I think that everybody should learn to observe the body to determine things that they don’t  say. Body language is also very important in the world of business. I love body language and I love knowing how to read it.

Free to Learn

I’ve had read this amazing book called Free To Learn by Peter Gray. It explains us why unleashing the instinct to play will make our children happier, more self-reliant, and better students for life. We were all born wanting to learn and explore new things and by letting your kid explore and play freely they learn numerous important things that he wouldn’t learn by watching late night cartoons or by being coached by an adult all the time. We kids play with their own rules with others, they learn to negotiate, persuade, they learn how to structure their own behavior and be responsible for their own mistakes and take charge. The things that children learn through their own initiative in free play cannot be thought in other ways.Children are biologically predisposed to take charge of their own education. Aside of that it talks about how parents this days don’t trust their children in almost or in everything as if like parents own their kid, but how can you expect your children to trust you if you don’t, and kids don’t belong to anyone everybody is his or her own-self parents are just a guide and a person to love and trust. Free to learn is an amazing must read book.

Implementacion de la cultura agil en el hogar

El pasado martes, 5 de abril, realizamos una reunion en Exalt en la cual estaban asistiendo los miembros de mi hogar y los facilitadores de Exalt. La reunion era o es para llevar a cabo una implementacion agile en mi hogar. Por supuesto todos nosotros estebamos de acuerdo con la decisiones así que proseguimos. Planeamos implementar un tablon de dominio comunitario en mi casa donde se va a implementar todas nuestras conciencias y reconocimientos y que son las cosas que deseamos cambiar. Pienso que va a hacer un cambio bastante positivo en el hogar que nos va a ayudar a todos a mejorar.

The Climb

The first of april we went climbing to the Monagas park in Bayamon. It started raining when we got there. At first I took pictures with Alex’s Nikon camera.  I went inside a cave with my brother and my stepmother, i almost fell.  The rainforest was amazingly beautiful, i enjoyed taking pictures of it. Then there was hammoc were I layed with nabori and we talked about alot of things. Everybody climbed and I was  the last one to climb, I climb endeavoring to the very top. I had an awsome day.



I went to vieques last Friday and it was beautiful. I took an airplane which only took us like 10 minutes to get there. I went with half of my family, it was crazy. We went to Caracas beach and we enjoyed the blue waves and the beautiful landscape. We did yoga in the beach which was very relaxing. We ate in many delicious restaurants. We shared beds and i couldn’t sleep very well so i slept in the morning were the beds were all mine. I had fun but it only lasted 4 days. Even though i had fun i wanted to get back to my house and get a nice rest in my own bedroom.

Social experiment

Alex, the coherence holder of ExAlt, Jacek one of my fellow friends, and I are conducting a social experiment in which we ask adult about their experience in school and how traditional school has influence people and to really know if traditional schools are teaching us the things that really matters. We are conducting a series of questions for we to ask them in the streets. We are debating still if were going to video tape it or not. I want to do this social experiment because i like to know how people feel about traditional school and their reaction if we explain to them about our learning community, ExAlt.


It was not easy, being in this amazing place wasn’t easy. My mother seems to not care that I am happy here and i was miserable back in school so she went to the court reclaiming my parents recklessness of changing me so sudden. Last week on Monday march 7 of 2016  I went to the court because my voice counts but the judge did not seem to care so she decided for my parents, she decided to return me to my miserable school. I cried of course but she didn’t seem to care even tho it was her fault. She could’ve talk to me,  but she didn’t. On Wednesday i want to my neurologist and she heard me and decided what was best for me. To stay here, to learn, to live.